In keeping with the current situation, The Radiology Clinic continues to take the necessary steps to ensure a safe environment for its staff and patients.

All staff have been provided with the appropriate protective clothing to ensure their safety and that of those attending for examination.

We ask our patients to come to the clinic if they have a pre booked appointment and to refrain from coming if they are running a fever, have a cough or any other upper respiratory symptoms. All patients must arrive wearing a MASK. A visor on its own is not adequate. Patients may be asked to wait outside for a short period until the waiting area is cleared for their entry and we are now using 2 other waiting areas attached to the Clinic to avoid congestion. All patients are asked to fill a specific CoVid-19 questionnaire. The management of The Radiology Clinic reserve the right to refuse entry on grounds of safety.

Anyone who has recently arrived on the island from abroad must observe the regulations as specified by the Government Of Malta.

The Radiology Clinic will as always provide its patients with an effective and safe service abiding by all the regulations as published by The Department of Health.

It is imperative now that you bring your face mask with you.

Thank you for your cooperation.