The Radiology Clinic is dedicated to excellence with its wide range of expertise and exceptional spectrum of technology, all under one roof. The Radiology Clinic has 5 different clinical areas covering more than 50 different types of examinations. The recently added Digital Facility has been linked to all the rooms mentioned below to provide digitized images which are stored on our server and sent to patient and doctor. These areas are as follows:

The Cosmos Suite

The Cosmos Suite consists of a Philips general radiographic unit which deals with all forms of basic radiological procedures, like extremity and skull examinations.

The DuoDiagnostic Suite

The DuoDiagnostic Suite contains a fluoroscopic screening Philips unit that allows for real-time radiographic examinations.

The Mammography Suite

The Mammography Suite is a dedicated room that hosts a Philips MammoDiagnost unit that is used for both screening and symptomatic breast assessment, as part of the Breast Cancer Screening Programme organized by the Clinic.

The Ultrasound Suite

The Ultrasound Suite uses the technology of an Diamond Select Philips HD11 Colour Doppler ultrasound machine that can be used for a wide variety of investigations ranging form abdominal work to assess for pain and arterial examinations to assess for narrowing or blockage of major arteries.

The Bone Density Suite

The Bone Density Suite the most recent development in the Radiology Clinic utilizes a new Hologic Horizon Dexa Bone Densitometer to test for low bone mass and diagnose both osteoporosis and also assess for a patientís tendency to a low density with obvious advantages in prevention of this common under-diagnosed condition.

These modern clinical areas are designed in a very non clinical fashion thus helping to take away much of the anxiety a visit to a doctor tends to be associated with. The waiting areas and offices are also air conditioned and have been decorated in a warm and receptive style.